Friday, November 30, 2012


if you want to be a good and better person

do you have to wait till you are ready?

then why dont you wait when you fall in love.


The only real voyage

of discovery consists

not in seeking new

landscapes, but in having

new eyes.



sometimes, broken hearted does not need to be heal.

give up

Dont give up when you always not been appreciated by someone.

cause Allah will give you the better one after.


sometimes there's a thing that you do not need to understand.


when people like your post on facebook

does not mean they care for you

Thursday, November 29, 2012


the harder part is not when you try to accept others

it is when you try to accept you for being yourself


i hope i can stand with this. forever.


can i be your bridge?

see this sweet video:

just do

sometimes we do not need to talk.

just do it


ill try this new chapter.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

tak mustahil

"buat ape kita susah2 boikot ni, nnt kan islam menang jugak"

tak mustahil satu masa nanti kita akan dengar

bila timbangan amal kita memerlukan sedikit pertolongan

"buat ape2 susah2 kita nak tolong dorang ni masuk syurga, dulu kan dorang duduk diam je."


always have that little light in the darkness


there is a big difference between love and responsibility.

does not necessary to love what been responsible to you.

but the happy ending always for those who have both at the same time
what so great to hide yourself.


You know what denial is right? 
Okay, well, it’s like if you deny yourself something for long enough, for whatever self imposed reason, the moment that you’re faced with any real external imposition, 
you are going to voluntarily want to do the thing you’re trying so hard not to do.”
Is she unknowingly talking about herself and her own fear of falling in love?